Our school occupies an attractive woodland site to the North of the Burgh of Dingwall. The building dates from 1970 and has classrooms are of a generous size which contribute to a stimulating learning environment for the pupils.
The single storey east wing is occupied by P1-3 classes, with classrooms grouped round communal areas for each year group. The central portion of the complex contains the school kitchen, extensive dining areas, the hall/gym, changing rooms and heating plant. This connects with the two storey building which houses most P4-7 classes and the main school office. Demountable huts in the playground house two classes, the nursery and the 3 O’clock Club an after school club.
Our Nursery is housed in a Demountable Hut close to the school. We also have many pupils with special needs, including several deaf pupils, who are supported in mainstream classes by teachers or learning support auxiliaries.

Dingwall Primary Brochure 2019-20

  1. I think that dingwall primary is a very big school and a nice one to.
    Lewis Ferrier Strathconon primary

    • Thank you Lewis. It is a very big school compared to yours! We have a very nice teachers here and a super deptuy head who helps the school with their blog!!

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